SMART™ TECHNOLOGY: Open channel in Spiral Module
Traditional Spiral Wound membranes will often fail in effluent and wastewater treatment due to its inability to cope up with fouling and scaling. These membranes carries negative charges and have natural attraction towards charged compounds & surfactants dissolved in the feed water. Membranes adsorb these compounds which results fouling and flux decline. Similarly, the space between the membranes are very thin and due to this, membranes are often clogged with suspended and organic matter which results in decreased membrane life, higher cleaning cost and frequent replacement. Often the systems require various pre-treatment such as Clarifloculation, Stage wise filtration, Ultra filtration, Membrane bio reactor etc. to match the feed water conditions. Our Engineered Membrane systems, Spiral wound Membrane Advanced Reverse osmosis Technology (SMART™) is specially designed for overcoming the above problems found in traditional membranes.

The SMART ™ Membranes are designed for superior fluid dynamics in membrane applications. Unlike standard spiral wound membranes, SMART ™ membranes use specially designed open channel feed spacer technology. The postion of the feed spacer in the spiral wound membranes will casue flow direction changes as the feed water flows both sides of the spacer. Also it faciltates the turbulance and reduces the concentration polarisation and the stagnency of the membranes.  Our engineered feed spacers are used to enhance wall shear stress and to promote eddy mixing thereby reducing wall concentration and fouling. The feed spacer determines the flow pattern, fluid dynamics and turbulence distribution in the membranes and enables to minimise the contact with membrane sheets. Our engineered feed spacer is equipped with higher thickess and special geometrical shape to avoid membrane fouling phenomina due to suspended, organic, biofouling, scaling etc. and results reduced build-up of fouling matter in the membrane surface thereby solid –liquid separations with low pressure drop, less fouling, high purity permeate & higher recovery is achieved.  Our engineered feed spacer technology have following advantages 
  • Configeration & Geometrical shape ensure shorter feed path & uniform distribution
  • Open channel formation due to higher thickness ensures less  fouling and deposits on the membranes
  • Maintian less pressure drop on longer period, thus uniform performance & will reduce the CIP /down time of the system
  • Supporting membrane without  exessive embossing , maintain concentration polarisation & required turbulance
  • Low pressure drops ensure less power consumption, Less cleaning cost


The SMART™ Membranes are results of advancement in polymer chemistry and is different than traditional composite polyamide membranes. Unlike negatively charged traditional Membranes, SMART membranes are manufactured with a symmetric, pure polyamide link between two buildings compound which gives unique stability and chemical durability to polymer. Also, it contains unique aromatic polyamide chemistry in the polymer web which strengthens the structure. During the manufacturing process, the physical property of the membranes surface is permanently modified to provide a hydrophilic character in the surface along with near neutral charges. This hydrophilic character provides low affinity to the organic matter dissolved in the feed water. The near neutrally charged SMART membranes are designed to minimize the adsorption of organic foulants into membrane surface and hence, flux degradation is minimized.  The SMART membranes are provided with following advantages:
  • Wide pH operating ranges
  • High tolerance with surfactants & charged compounds
  • High operating stability
  • Less flux declines
  • Increased membrane life

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