Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis (CDRO)
Spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane is repeatedly unsuccessful in effluent and waste water treatment due to scaling and fouling of membranes. Spiral wound membranes need vast pre-treatment solutions for the removal of  Suspended & Biological matter, COD, BOD & other Colloidal particles. Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis (CDRO) is a proven alternative for the treatment of effluent and waste water treatment applications.

The Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis (CDRO) 
DISC MEMBRANE SYSTEM FOR EFFLUENT RECYCLING has been invented as an economic and efficient reverse osmosis technology for the treatment of effluent & waste water. Due to its unique design, fluid dynamics and construction of the hydraulic disc & membrane cushion result in an open channel, unrestricted feed water system. The suspended solids and organic load carried in the feed water cannot be trapped or easily settle out inside the membrane module and hence minimizing the costly pretreatment such as chemical precipitation, stage filtration & ultra-filtration which is commonly used in the spiral wound membrane systems. The CDRO systems minimize the scaling & fouling of membranes due to its short feed flow and high packing density which will increase the life of the membranes and replacement cost. CDRO System is able to cope up with a higher SDI (Silt Density Index) and high COD , BOD content than other systems in the market and is therefore best equipped for waste water and effluent treatment applications.

The CDRO system consist of a pressure tube and hydraulic disc which is held by a centre tension rod. Membrane cushions will lie between every two discs. Due to state of art design and construction, open channels are formed between the hydraulic disc and membrane cushions where the raw solution concentrate. The individual channels are joined together by opening the discs which are arranged in an annular pattern so that the feed water flows radial across the membrane cushions alternatively from inside towards outside. The membrane cushions are made of two single membranes disc with an intermediate layer called spacer. The membranes are manufactured from modified polyamide materials with computerized ultra sound welding process to ensure high quality and precision.

CDRO systems are compact in size, flexible in operation and provided with easy access to all membranes for inspection, replacement and other activities. The membranes are installed in a pressure tight case using the central axis and hence the assembly and removal can be done easily and the replacement is very simple. Compare to other similar disc membranes systems available today; CDRO system is equipped with many added advantages


Less Power Consumption:

Due to unique design of patented hydraulic disc, CDRO systems consume 20 to 30 % less power than other similar systems. In many cases, power savings are 1.5 to 2.0 kW/m3 of effluent.

High Operating Pressure:
CDRO system is the only disc membrane system which can operate up to 160 bar pressure. Most suitable for higher recovery and high TDS removal.

Various Module sizes:
CDRO system has various module sizes ranging from 7.70 m2 to 12.2 m2 per module. Hence reducing the cost of the accessories with 20 % to 25 % Savings on foot print.

Replacement of Membranes/ Module:
Our membranes, Hydraulic disc and other parts are suitable for replacing with similar existing disc membrane systems without any modification or process correction.

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