ADRES: Advanced Effluent Recycling Systems
Waste water treatment plants need not be just a system to comply environment regulations. ADRES gives your business an opportunity to reuse waste water into your process and many times, recover key raw materials; therein converting you waste into profit. And most importantly, ADRES eliminates the apprehension of environmental regulations for discharging waste water.

ADRES is made based on fundamental analysis of each industry. It is a combination of technological process which achieves effective results in environmentally sensitive areas for numerous industries.

Having applied individual concepts in each treatment and vigilantly studying the behavior of waste water from each process; ADRES is the product of careful analysis, elaborative concept, complicated lab studies, sophisticated pilot studies and its corresponding design & engineering with decade experiences. ADRES meets numerous prerequisite in terms of quality, sensitivity, economics and environment.

ADRES offer widest range of recycling & recovery solution across industries. We have refined conventional technologies and adopted modern technologies together to help our customers meet their demands. ADRES brings together chemical, physical & biological process together with single point responsibility from concept to commissioning.

ADRES Provide recycling solution for the following industries
•    Pharmaceutical Industry
•    Textile Industry
•    Automobile Industry
•    Steel industry
•    Power Generation
•    Chemical Industry
•    Food & Beverages
•    Other industrial effluents

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