We are an engineering and technology implementation enterprise with global operations; focusing on Recovery, Recycle, Reuse and Refuse treatment of effluent and wastewater.

With more than 100 successful projects executed in the past, we are helping our customers manage their water resources and process challenges.  
We provide solutions for recycling more than 60 million liters of water per day through our state of art systems.
We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 accredited organization providing cutting edge technologies with reliability and international quality. 

We are one of the few companies in the world to provide state of art Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis System (CDRO) and currently we have completed 50 CDRO projects.

We believe in progressive technologies and to provide environmentally sustainable customized solutions for diverse industries including pharmaceuticals, textile, chemical, F&B, automobiles, distilleries, steel and leachate treatment.
We envision a future with safe accessible drinking water.  As part of our social business mission, we provide affordable drinking water solutions to the communities with an Indo-French-Austrian collaboration.
As part of our CSR activities, Deknomet System associates with various NGOs, Govt and Private sector conglomerates to provide sustainable conservation solutions to meet societal challenges around water.

Major Milestones


Deknomet is known for its technical innovation and design knowledge. We believe that a good treatment lies in company’s knowledge in design, engineering and implementation. Deknomet is managed by technocrats who have committed themselves to water treatment for more than twodecade and who currently deal with a diversified portfolio of water and waste water treatment.


Innovation means right approach of selecting appropriate technologies for the treatment considering various factors. The best solutions generally seek to utilize the right mix of different technologies for specific applications. Whether it is complete or partial solutions, we are entirely focused on the needs and requirement of our customer.


Technical skill play a major role to make a superbly engineered, tried and tested solution to fit precise requirement. Indeed, this represents the need of cross –section of numerous different skills and disciplines. We understand the simplicity and complexity of the water & pollutants. Our technical skills are proven with experience and modern solutions. Water &effluent is different in each case and hence the treatment approach also to be differentiated accordingly. We carefully design the system with our technical skills and we act quick and efficient in providing solutions.


We are not in stereotypical business and in bulk production to cater a larger market in volumes. Instead, in every treatment, each customer and each problem are handled in a personalized and appropriate manner. We analyze every case in a proactive way and behave as a partner and we get fully involved in suggesting new solutions with guaranteed results.


We believe in total control of each phase of the project including, design, manufacturing, procurement, installation commissioning & maintenance. Our project implementation methodologies are adopted from world class organisation and strive to improve our style of working to embrace all aspects of the projects. Each project has been handled with full care and attention along with single point responsibility allowing customer to focus on their core business.


An ideal project shall have transparency in all techno commercial matter. We don't believe in any hard rules and we treat customer as our partner and we share all details of the project in a comprehensive manner so that customer is well informed and updated in each phase of the project undertaken by us.


Education and training are the core areas where the future of plants lies. An experienced and trained team can only manage the systems effectively for several years. Many organisations are providing the system and choose very languid approach towards training the team to operate and maintain the plants. We believe in sharing the knowledge in proper way to our customers about all details of the technologies and information about applications, handling, operations and all other elements of systems provided by us. We make sure that the team is well trained and adequately experienced under our staff to handle the systems so that there will not be any hindrance in any areas.

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